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How to design free printable party invitations

What’s a party without guests? A bad party. How do you get guests without an invitation? You don’t. Why pay for a limited number of boring invitation cards when you can your own free invitations with online help. This is a great method for birthday parties or holiday celebrations. Invitations can be printed out and delivered or sent as e-mail invitations.

What you will need

-A computer -An Internet connection -Some photo editing software -A printer (if making printable invitations)

Step one

Every good party has a theme. It's best to theme the invitation with the party. Interesting themes for kids parties invitations are pirates, princesses or sports. If you want to make beach party invitations, think of sandy beaches and water sports.

Step two

First, download some pictures from the web to use on your invitation. Make sure to download more than you are going to use, that way you can always change your mind about the invitation’s look. Try using a large graphic as a backdrop for the invitation. Search engines are great resources. Most have an option to search for pictures. Clip art is a good tool also. For this example, we found a background on that worked well. The invitation you have now can be used as a template invitation for future parties/celebrations.

Step three

Now, think about your background. Edit out any unwanted text/images. This can be really hard, so use a graphic that doesn’t need many changes. Don’t worry if you make mistakes, you can always start again.

Step four

Before you start adding extra bits, first re-size your background to the size you want your finished invitation to be. Now, add in all the details for the party – people need to know where and when your party is, you should also specify if there’s a dress code for the event. Finally, insert any other images you want to use onto your background. You could also try using some of your editing software’s more advanced features, such as dissolve or blend. You can soften the edges of pictures to make them look like they belong together.

Step five

If you want to send out printed invitations, make sure to use the best paper possible – gloss looks really professional, but matt finish paper is fine too. Make sure that you print out at least 300 DPI. It may look good on screen, but it won’t do so on paper. You could always e-mail your finished invitations, it’ll save you the cost of the stamp and it’s the fastest way to let people know about your event too.

Step six

Decide who you want to invite, make your list of addresses and send them out. Enjoy your party!

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