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How to do a kickflip on a skateboard

Skateboard kickflips are a great trick and one of the first that you will learn. Learning to flip skate, as it is known in short form, is a fun and easy trick to master. This article provides you with a step-by-step guide to performing a kickflip on a skateboard.


F Tricks are a great part of the sport of skateboarding. From the tail grind to the ollie to more advance tricks like the Japan air and grinding, skateboarding is a blast and tricks are a big part of the fun. Footing Place your rear foot on the tail of the skateboard with your forward foot no more higher than the midway point on the skateboard between the trucks. Kneel down, keeping your weight evenly disbursed between the front and back foot.

Spring upward

Pushing up With both feet, push yourself upward but not quite off the skateboard at this moment. Maintain your control on the skateboard and slide the front foot forward. Control its movement and position in the air, with your feet against the grip tape.

Flick it

Flip With your back foot, slide off the back of the skateboard near the rear truck and flick your foot off the board. Do not use too much pressure or forward movement as this will cause you to lose control of the skateboard. A simple forward flick off your skateboard should be enough to get the flipping motion going once in the air.

Watch it

Once you have put the skateboard in motion, you will need to move both your feet out of the way. Allow the skateboard to flip fluidly without interference until it reaches the ground. It should land on its wheels if you flicked the skateboard correctly. Watch it carefully to ensure proper landing or you risk injury, should you come down on an awkwardly-positioned skateboard.

Stick it

Landing You should be over the skateboard at this juncture in the trick. You will want to land with your rear foot slightly before the front foot to help maintain consistency and control of your skateboard. With both feet firmly on the skateboard, you are ready to re-position yourself.

Ride off

Closing Once you have stuck your landing, ride off on your skateboard to the next trick. The kickflip is complete and you have stuck it.

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