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How to draw a house cleaning schedule

How does a busy person with kids and a job have time to tidy up the home? Having a house cleaning schedule takes off the stress of having to frantically clean up when visitors are expected to come over. Find out how to avoid procrastination and make an organised system of cleaning the house with greater efficiency.

Challenges of keeping a clean home

People often make excuses of having a disorganised living space using lack of time, young kids and a demanding career as reasons for failing to clean their homes. While it is true that under these circumstances it would be difficult to keep every room spic and span all the time, it is not entirely impossible to have some amount of order in the home. A tidy home not only looks good, it ensures hygienic conditions for children and provides a relaxing atmosphere for tired members of the family to come home to.

Advantages of having a cleaning schedule

A house cleaning schedule helps you to keep your home reasonably clean all the time without having to do chores frantically in a short amount of time. It enables you to delegate responsibilities to other members of the family who can share in doing assigned tasks on a schedule. This prevents procrastination and allows you to accomplish the job more efficiently.

Making a house cleaning plan

Determine your timetable Do you want to make a schedule based on a daily, weekly or a monthly plan? Making a four-week schedule is ideal because it allows you to do chores on a daily and weekly basis as well as doing monthly tasks.
Draw a household chores checklist Make a cleaning list of everything that you think needs cleaning. Think of every room, every corner, every cabinet and every drawer that needs to be arranged, organised or cleaned up and draw up a list. You may also want to check if you have the right house cleaning supplies.
Decide on the frequency of each task Some tasks may be done on a daily basis while some needs to be done on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. Assign tasks on specific days when you are not particularly busy.
Assign tasks to other members of the household One does not have to do everything by himself. If everyone helps in cleaning his own room or area of the house, and one does the lawn mowing while one does the carpet cleaning, then everyone will share in learning how to keep the house clean.
Make a house cleaning checklist
Print it, post it and stick to it. If you miss some item, don’t worry about it but be sure to get back to them when time permits. Reference:

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