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How to dress like a punk?

Today, we will be looking at what is required to dress like a punk. Punk was a distinct form of fashion that developed in the seventies and spilled out into the early eighties. It's all about making a statement through your choice of clothing, hair and make-up, so let's have a look at what you need in order to create the ideal punk look for yourself.

What do I need?

The first rule of dressing like a punk is that there isn't one!
It is all about making a statement of who you are to the world and this is done through your choice of style. You will need to purchase either a pair of Dr. Martens air wear boots or a pair of converse trainers these are must-haves.
T-shirts that you have ripped yourself are a good look use safety pins to hold any rips together and try and have the name of a punk band your into on the front. Girls will usually go for fishnet tights or stockings and a short tartan or leather skirt. Any stockings will usually have holes ripped in them to complete the look and boys will go for ripped jeans in black or leather. Accessories Studded belts, dog tags, and dog collars are worn as jewellery and your hair would usually be dyed a vibrant colour such as pink or red although there are no hard or fast rules and its whatever you decide is right for you. Make up Make up is a mixture of plenty of black eyeliner and mascara boys as well as the girls will wear this and girls will wear bright red lipstick to complete the look.

Where can I find it?

1970s clothing and vintage outlets will have a lot of punk style clothing on offer.
A lot of charity shops on the High Street could have a lot of second-hand clothing that could be turned into punk style fashion and you will save a fortune by checking these venues out first. E-bay stocks a lot of vintage clothing and you will be able to purchase punk
t shirts and patches for clothes to help you to achieve the desired look.
To finish off the new 'you', style your hair in either a spiky or Mohawk style.
Have fun !

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