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How to encourage young writers

Some children love writing and making up stories and poems. How can you support their gift and nurture them as the writers of the future. This article looks at the ways in which you can encourage young writers.

Encouraging young writers

Make sure that young writers have plenty of writing materials. Hardback notebooks can be bought in all colours and sizes, and they are great for writing at home. Smaller notepads can be carried about with them for when they come up with ideas, or see something interesting to take note of. Cool pens are a must. Gel pens write smoothly, and come in all colours to make their writing exciting. If they like ink pens, then this will make a lovely present and something special for them to write with.
Writing magazines Buy them copies of writers magazines so that they can pick up tips and ideas. There is one especially for young writers called Young Writer. It’s a forum for young people’s writing and is aimed at 5 to 18 year old persons. It comes out three times a year and contains information on writing fiction, non-fiction, prose and poetry. Check out the magazine on There are also two adult writing magazines that might be of interest to writers. Writers Forum and Writing Magazine come out monthly, and they can be a great help. They also contain interviews with established writers who guide readers on how writing worked for them.

Supporting them further

If they would like to study a correspondence course, some writing schools will guide younger students. The Writer’s Academy has distance learning courses in short story writing, life writing and writing articles for magazines that can all be tailored to the younger students. Find them on
Writing groups Maybe, there is the possibility of starting up a writers group for kids in your locality? Ask your local community centre or youth service if they would be willing to support an after-school writing group. Young writers can then meet with each other to talk about their love of writing and what they are working on. There might be a local writer who has some spare time to come in and give the children some tips and advice. Don’t forget writing events. If there are talks on writing or book signings, take young writers along to them so that they can be involved in the world of writing.

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