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How to find Aetna providers

Aetna is a health insurance company that provides dental and health insurance policies for small business owners, federal employees, families and individuals. Aetna has several member services that allow you to check a claim, pay premiums, find a doctor or a hospital and find documents or forms. Aetna is a revolutionary health insurance company interested in health care reform.

Guide to finding Aetna providers

The Aetna medical website has a function on the website that allows any individual to find Aetna providers. The information is available here at (docfind, custom, advplans). In addition to this, there is also information about Aetna life insurance, Aetna health plans and Aetna non-emergency services.

Aetna provider directory on DocFind

DocFind is the Aetna service provider directory available online to aid members. The advanced search function is available to members only. This function gives a more specific list to meet the members search requirements. Non-members can use the general search function to find the list of providers that meet their criteria.

Filling the geographic search parameters

The general search parameters need to be filled carefully to ensure the best results. First, choose the geographic location based on zip code, city or county. If you are unsure of the zip code, you can use the find zip code function. If you are unsure of the city, you can find the city function. The county setting The county setting will not provide very accurate results. If possible, try to use the city or zip code search parameters. When using the zip code parameter, you will be asked the distance in the drop down menu. Choose the distance appropriately. The city and county parameter will both ask you to choose the State in the drop-down menu.

Choose provider and provider type

Next, select a provider category from the drop-down menu based on what you are looking for. Then, choose the provider type in the next drop-down menu. Finally, select a plan that you are looking for and click on the Start Search button. The More Options function The More Options function gives the hospital name, provider's name, programs and recognition's, type of speciality, language preferences, hospital affiliation and gender. These options allow you to narrow down the search further until you have found the best provider to meet your needs.

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