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How to find IT careers in the UK

Looking for work in the UK is proving to be difficult at the moment. However, there are a number of places recruiting for those looking for careers in IT; you just need to know where to look for them. You need to be pro-active in your job search and look in as many places as you can.

Check the newspaper

One of the first places most people will think about searching for any type of job is the newspaper. Your local paper will have listings each week and IT firms tend to offer larger adverts so that you can find them.

Check online

The online world is becoming the best place to find IT and computer jobs. There are lots of different recruitment sites for IT jobs around, including and When on these sites, make sure that you set up a profile and include your CV. This will allow employers to check out your profile to see if you match their requirements and make it possible for you to be head-hunted.

Set up job alerts

When you are checking online, you can set up job alerts. Every time a new job that matches your criteria is posted, you can be informed about it. You can make your search as specific as possible, which can help if you are looking for IT manager jobs or searching for IT support jobs.

Join an agency

There are plenty of IT agencies around the UK and they can offer the best chance of getting a job. They will usually be the first place to hear about jobs and they can phone if you are suitable for it. Everything will be done through the agency and they will send your details off, so you just need to sit and wait.

Look for contract work

If you are struggling to find full time work, you could consider looking into the different IT contracts that are out there. Just by working in contractual employment, you will be gaining the experience that other employers will want from you.

Start your own business

There is nothing wrong with working for yourself and IT is one of the best ways to do this. You can set up your own company or just work freelance. Pick the skill that you are good at and find people who are looking for that.

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