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How to find Jaguar dealers

There are 90 Jaguar main dealers in the UK and 100 authorised service centres. They can be found in far apart places like London, Edinburgh and the Isle Of Man. Dealers are not found in every town and city, so how do owners locate their nearest dealership? This article explains it to you how to find Jaguar dealers.


Dealer locator link The official Jaguar cars website has a dealer locator link which lists all of the official franchised dealers, and shows every main dealer and authorised service centre in your area. The search can be carried out by inputting a postcode or place name. If you would like to find a specific dealer, you can search by the dealership's name. Virtual tour The dealer locator page contains links to dealership pages for each of the franchises in the Jaguar network. The page contains contact details, directions and opening hours.
Our staff There is a link for ‘Our Staff’ which gives you an image and contact details for the dealer principle, the sales manager and the service manager. However, that’s not the only way of getting a view from your local dealership. Virtual tour
You can take a virtual tour of the place. This gives you a 360 view of the showroom and forecourt, and it is a great way to familiarise yourself with the dealership.

Booking your test drive

If you already know the Jaguar model that you would like to purchase, or would like to get to know the car, you can book a test drive through the official website. This is another way to link to your local dealership, because the details you enter are sent onto them. They will then contact you to arrange for the test drive.

Keep me informed

This section of the website allows you to register an interest in a Jaguar vehicle which the company will e-mail you about from time to time. You can also opt for a newsletter which will provide news, information and offers. This is a gentle way to introduce yourself to the company.

Car configurator

This section of the website gives you a 360 degree view of the exterior and interior of your chosen car as you configure it. You can choose to configure any model of Jaguar, including the Jaguar XKR-S. You are presented with the options that you would expect to see, when you will be part of the dealership, deciding on the specifications of your new Jaguar. The exterior colour and the interior trim are included along with the options and accessories. The summary page allows you to save or share the configuration. You are also offered the chance to link to your local dealer through the dealer locator link.

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