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How to find Scotland golf vacation packages

Golf trips and UK vacations are available in a number of places, should you feel the desire to put your golfing lessons to use on some sort of luxury golf vacation around the UK. Surely, nothing can be better than trudging around a golf course knowing that you don’t have work the next day. So, where do you get them from?

Golf pro shop

The first thing to do is to get yourself down to your local golf course and check out the pro shop. Here, you can look for deals on golf packages and golf travel, and see if you can arrange a luxury tour to one of the premier UK destinations for golf, like St. Andrews bay on one of the Scottish tours. Help from staff Also, the staff will be able to advise you about their personal experiences and help you choose the right kinds of golfing holidays for you.

Golf stores

Another place to look for golf tours and luxury vacation deals could be your local specialist golf store. Leaflets They may have leaflets, detailing various golf breaks and advice on vacation planning and the kinds of hotel packages, which may be available when planning your next golf break. Prices
Prices may vary, depending on how good your local golf shop is, and not all of them will offer any kind of planning service or vacation travel.


There are plenty of vacation golf magazines that will have things in, like Scotland trips to golf courses and discount vacations will also be in there. These kinds of magazines are good places to get package deals, that may include golf tuition as well as your vacation trip. Should you take it upon yourself to tour Scotland to take in some Scottish golf holidays or fancy something completely different, you should be able to find what you’re looking for in these magazines.


As with many things these days, you can also look online for golfing holidays and vacations. Just type in something like “golf St. Andrews” into a search engine if you are interested in playing golf in Scotland for your holiday, and see what materialises on the Internet for you. The best deals are probably available online so, it is well worth a look.

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Where to get cheap golf products

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