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How to find a Penske Honda dealer

The Penske Automotive Group operates 323 dealerships and represents 40 brands. Most of these are in America, where the group runs 172 franchises in 19 states. There are dealerships in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Germany and the UK. This article enables you to find a Penske Honda dealer.


Overview There are 17 Penske Honda dealers in the US.
They can be found in Georgia, California, Texas, Arizona, New Jersey, Ohio, Connecticut and Indianapolis.
As the group has acquired existing dealerships, not all franchises have Penske in their name.

Search online

Online On, you can find your local Penske Honda dealer through Dealer Locator.
Here, you choose the brand of vehicle you are interested in and your State. If you are looking for a pre-owned car, you enter your zip code into the ‘Find Cars Near You’ search box. This will bring up a list of pre-owned cars with images and information about the car. There is a loan or lease payment calculator and, if you’re interested in purchasing the vehicle or taking it for a test drive, you can call the dealer toll free or contact them through their website. My favorites If you find one or more cars that you like, you can save them to My Favourites.
Users can save 10 cars for up to 30 days.
If you create a account, you will get unlimited storage with no time limitation.

Purchase online

Purchasing online
Penske Honda has a three day return policy on all pre-owned Hondas, so you can shop online with confidence. Through the website, you can request more information on the chosen vehicle or even make an offer on it. And you can complete an Online Credit Application to see if you qualify for a loan through, who use several lenders to make sure their finance is competitive. Vehicle shipping If you can’t find a Penske Honda dealer close to home you can purchase a car through the website and use the Vehicle Shipping service. The team can organise an affordable, safe and reliable delivery of any car listed on the site. The delivery is made to your front door and is fully insured. Final word All you have to do is select a car and ask for a Shipping Quote.
A Penske Dealer will then contact you to discuss your requirements and provide a quote.

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