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How to find careers online

Finding and building a career online has never been easier. With the current economic climate, more organisations are conducting their work over the Internet, employing freelancers rather than permanent staff. There are obviously some careers which cannot operate online, such as jobs in banking or a job in nursing. However, many jobs can operate quite effectively online.

Looking for an online career

If you would like to build a career online, then there are a few ways in which you could go about accomplishing your goal. You could either look for freelance work, or alternatively set up your own business. Both of these are extremely viable options. If you are currently working in an office in information technology, administration, or marketing, then the chances are that you can utilise and transfer your skills and build an online career. If you work in information technology for example, you could look at careers such as web design, computer programmer or tutor, if you have significant experience. For administration, you could pursue a virtual assistant career, a content writer if you have an excellent command of the English language and strong writing ability, or set up your own company providing business support. If you currently work in marketing, then there are many opportunities available through online marketing on the Internet, particularly in relation to search engine optimisation, writing advertisements or even setting up your own marketing consultancy. Looking on websites such as Guardian Jobs will provide the latest freelance opportunities across the UK.

Looking online for a career offline

If however, an online career is not for you, then you can still utilise the Internet and find careers to follow offline. Sales jobs, marketing jobs, nursing jobs in hospital are all possible options which can be undertaken within a workplace environment. You can apply online for many of these jobs. If however, you are not sure about your career choice, then there are also many excellent sources of career information available on the Internet. There is a wealth of information for graduates, school leavers and experienced professionals, providing comprehensive advice and guidance about where to find jobs, how to approach potential employers and how to customise your CV for the job that you are applying for.

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