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How to find cheap holidays in Cyprus

Are you thinking about going for a holiday to the island of Cyprus? Would you like to know what your options are to stay there at a cheap rate? This article provides you with some useful pointers so that you will know how to plan your holiday.

Where to go

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea that offers beautiful weather, culture, night life, blue waters and good food. It is no wonder that it has become such a popular holiday destination. The best places to go for cheap holidays in Cyprus are the coastal regions because you find the most resorts here. Author's suggestions
You can then travel inland for a day to visit the small villages. If you don't like a resort, you can also book a holiday to these parts of Cyprus. For those who would like to enjoy some night life during the holiday, you should go to Ayia Napa. There are numerous bars and clubs and there is a real party atmosphere in this town.

All inclusive packages

The best way to lower the costs on your holiday is by going for an all inclusive formula. Here, you pay a fixed amount for accommodation, food and drink. This means that you know beforehand how much the whole holiday is going to cost. Tips
You can check out late deals from the UK to all inclusive resorts in Cyprus on


A great option when you go on holiday to Cyprus, is to book a villa. This means that you have a place to stay that is for your family or friends only. In most cases, a villa in Cyprus will include a swimming pool. You can also get a villa on the beach front or long term renting villas if you would like to stay in Cyprus a bit longer. Tips
Check out for more details.

Hotels and apartments

There are also many hotels and apartments to choose from when booking a cheap holiday to Cyprus. If you are going for last minute holidays, also have a look at the five star hotels. Their discount is usually at the best rate if you book late. If you want to cook your own food, you can also book an apartment. There are self catering apartments you can book in every part of Cyprus. Tips
Check out

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