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How to find holidays in Cuba

Cuba is a captivating, vibrant Island, filled with music, laughter, brightly-painted houses and even brighter old cars. Although, its history under Fidel Castro has meant that its not been one of the more popular Caribbean destinations, recent changes show that everyone wants to go to Cuba. The main language is Spanish and it will help if you can speak even a little of Lingo.

What to see and do

Havana A holiday to Cuba means that you will be immersed in the vibrant Spanish style culture. On the must see list, is a visit to the capital city, Havana. It is famous for its cigars supposedly rolled-on the thighs of beautiful young women, if the legends are to be believed. Havana tours are available, and are safe ways to see the city. You can see the Iglesia de Santo Tomás church, the El Morro castle and the famous Havana Club. Eastern Cuba Away from the bustle of the big city, you will be transported back to a time
gone-by in rustic Eastern Cuba. Here, you can visit the Bacardi Rum factory, the Cueva del Aguas cave with a fresh-water swimming hole or the Museo de Ambiente Histórico Cubano museum. Central Cuba This area may not have the dramatic scenery of the east, but it does have beautiful colonial towns, such as Trinidad, Santa Clara and the tourist resort area of Varadero, where there are luxury all-inclusive resorts.

How to get there and where to stay

Getting there Nowadays, it is much easier to get to Cuba. There is an international airport near Havana, or you may prefer to island-hop from one of the other Caribbean islands, such as Jamaica. Many cruise lines now include Cuba in their itineraries. You must have a passport, your onward (or return) tickets, and information about where you will be staying the first night. You will be required to fill in an immigration form. The currency that you need is Cuban convertible pesos, which can be bought with British pounds, US Dollars and Eiros, but which are useless outside Cuba. Hence, a credit card may be a more useful way to buy and pay for things. Where to stay The Varadero holiday resort is very popular, as are holidays in Havana itself. There are cheap hotels in Cuba for those travelling on a student budget as well as cheap flights to Cuba. In fact, the accommodation available covers all price ranges and tastes, and you may be lucky and get a last minute Cuba deal. Last word Check before you go on any visas that you may need, but once you get there, you can relax, drink rum and enjoy the captivating heart of the Caribbean.

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