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How to find jobs in South East London

South East London is quite a good area to search for jobs. Although, the unemployment level is high everywhere at the moment, there are probably more jobs in the London area than in most parts of the UK, and in London, work is really not that hard to find. This article gives you some hints and tips on how to find jobs in South East London.

The job centre and other agencies

Job centre
In any area, the job centre should be your first port of call, and South East London is no exception to this. You may find that, much of the work available at the present time involves the jobs for charities and other not-for-profit jobs.
If you can't find anything else, it is worth taking these for the experience, as they will look good on your CV, so don't rule them out. Recruitment agencies It is also worth registering with any recruitment agencies in your area. These are particularly useful for office work, but have other jobs, such as warehouse work and catering work, as well.

Looking online and in newspapers

Online search There is a number of job finding agencies on the Internet. is probably the best known, but there are many others too. So, you should do an online search. These are good sources for employment in any area, but they probably have more work in London than in other parts of the country.
Local newspapers Local newspapers are good sources for jobs. The Croydon Advertiser covers Croydon and surrounding areas of South East London, and they have a large selection of jobs of all types.

Contact companies directly

When looking for work, it is always worth doing more than the other candidates, and contacting companies directly may be a way of getting your name and face known. Try large companies, which are found locally, such as Nestle in Croydon, and other large South London companies. After that, be willing to travel to other parts of London if necessary. Dress carefully and take your CV with you, and try to speak to someone in charge.

Other tips

Keep your eyes open. Shops and pubs often advertise on their shop's window when they have vacancies, and if you are around at the right time, you may get the job. Be ready to do voluntary jobs for the experience. You can impress future employers and show them that you are not afraid of work. And above all, be flexible and be ready to do anything which is required from you.

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