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How to find online teaching positions

Online teaching jobs can be a great option for anyone with the skills to do so. Whether the goal is a little extra income during the summer break for a traditional teacher, a way to earn money while travelling, or a way to work from home and spend more time with the family, teaching online can be the answer.

Things to know

There is a wide variety of online teaching jobs available, with an equal variety of scheduling demands and credentials required. Here is a basic overview of some of the different options and their general requirements. Keep in mind that all online teaching jobs require a reliable high speed Internet connection. Teaching for traditional institutions Generally, the credentials required to teach online for a traditional institution are the same, as teaching for them in a traditional capacity would be. For teaching at the high school level, a minimum of a bachelor's degree and a teaching license are generally required. For higher ed institutions, a post graduate degree and teaching license will be required. In both cases, previous teaching experience is obviously a plus.
Working hours may reflect a traditional schedule, be predominantly in the evening, or be set by the teacher, depending on the school and the material being taught.
Technical training and mentoring Technical training and mentoring jobs usually have lower formal requirements for teachers, stressing instead on real world experience in the field being taught. Working hours are predominantly going to be in the evening when teaching working adults, but may also be set by the teacher. Language training Teaching a second language, especially English, has become one of the more common online teaching jobs. Online ESL (English as a Second Language) jobs requirements vary, but many require nothing more than TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification. Some jobs may also require a teaching license. Self-employment This is also possible, simply by advertising on sites, such as Craigslist, and obviously has no requirements.

Where to find jobs

Online teaching jobs may be found through traditional media, such as the help wanted section of a newspaper or an employment agency, but most of them will be found online.
Obviously, going directly to an institution's website and applying is a feasible option if the job seeker knows who they want to work for. Otherwise, job sites will be far more efficient. General sites Sites, such as CareerBuilder and are good places to start with. The amount of jobs fitting the seeker's requirements will be luck of the draw though. Teaching focused sites has several areas of listings, and is a great resource for those looking for positions teaching English.

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