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How to find sports cars for sale in the UK

Sports cars have, in some way or another, always been a British icon. Sports cars nowadays are becoming more affordable and more accessible via hire purchase plans or other money and payment schemes. This article looks at three of the places where you can look to find your dream sports car.


Car websites exist in their thousands and many of them are specialist website for certain types of cars, e.g. used Nissans or used Toyotas. Sporty cars get much attention online and there are many sources where you can either find your perfect car, or place wanted car ads and get further advice if you can't find it.
Auction sites
Online auction sites are definitely worth a look if you are after a bargain, but make sure that you view the car first. So many people are scammed every year from not going to see the car that they are wanting to buy first. Ask questions as this will let you know very quickly if the seller is genuine or not. Classifieds
Other sites which operate mainly by classifieds, like AutoTrader and Pistonheads are great for finding hundreds of car adverts which you can order by price, distance, advert age etc.


Dealerships have sprung up around the country to meet the sports car demand. You can either find manufacturer specific dealers where you can find Jaguar cars or BMWs for sale under a dealer warranty. This is a benefit of going to a dealer as there is always someone to go back to if you have a problem!
Online search or industrial estates Doing a simple online search will reveal the dealerships in your area, or have a drive around industrial estates and out of town developments to find the ones that might not be listed. Business directories and lists Business directories and lists can also be used to find dealerships, which may have a specialism or a particular extra service that you may want.

Car shows and clubs

Car shows and clubs give you the opportunity to speak directly with the owner and to see the car first-hand in a friendly and supportive environment.
Many people who want sports cars only operate through car clubs, because they want to be assured of trustworthy cars for sale.
Local club Get in contact with your local sports car club to get advice about buying your first sports car too. Many people will be more than happy to come along and check out prospective purchases with you.

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