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How to fit a kitchen unit

A fitted kitchen typically refers to one where all of the cabinets are measured perfectly to fit next to each other and next to the walls. In a fitted kitchen, any gaps are usually filled by spacers or fillers and your cabinets have a cohesive look. When you are looking to buy kitchens, you can choose between a fitted and unfitted kitchen unit. Either way, you need to know how to fit everything together and install it. Read this article to learn more.

Measure carefully

Space The first thing to do when buying kitchen units or any kind of wood kitchens cabinets, is to measure your kitchen space carefully. You should measure the height of your ceilings so you can determine exactly how high your cabinets go. If you have high ceilings, you may want to choose to use crown molding as a filler, you may want to stack your cabinets and put a smaller row of cabinets on top or you may want to leave a gap between the cabinet top and ceiling. You should also measure how deep you want to make your cabinets. 24 inches in standard depth, but some people will come out to 30 inch cabinets to allow or more storage, more counter space and for a standard depth fridge to look built in. Finally, measure the length of the run of cabinets.

Order cabinets

The next step is to actually order cabinets. You cannot do this until you know where everything is going to go in your kitchen, so you will need to have a careful plan for what appliances you need, where they are going to go and how to use your kitchen space. You can work with a kitchen designer to make this plan and then order cabinets directly from the designer or you can do your kitchen kitchen design and order cheap cabinets from Internet sources or online ready-to-assemble cabinet companies.


Cabinets should almost always be installed by a professional whenever possible to be sure that they look nice. If you are doing it yourself, make sure to find the studs in your walls to screw the cabinets into and to us a level and fillers to create a finished look.

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