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How to fit bathroom wall shelves

The bathroom is one place where it is essential to have as much storage as you can. The bathroom is the place where you keep medicines, toothbrushes, grooming products, shampoo, hair dryers, towels, and often other linens as well. If you do not have enough bath cabinet storage in your bathroom or are running out of room for door cabinets, you may want to put wall cabinets in to give you extra space. The question is, how do you do this?

Define your needs

The very first thing to do when trying to get a storage unit or storage wall unit for the bathroom is to figure out what you want to put on it and what you want it to look like. You can easily get a metal shelf for the bathroom which you can put stuff on, but this may not be the look you are going for. Instead, you may want cabinets wood style to match the other items in your bathroom and to complement your vanity sinks and shower units. Think about exactly what style of cabinet you want and what you want to store in it before you buy your cabinet.

Measure and prepare

Once you know what kind of storage you want, you need to measure the space you have available to you. The old adage says to measure twice and cut once and this holds true here as well. Be sure to carefully write down all measurements for where the shelves will go including height, width and depth. If you plan to have doors on your wall cabinets, you will also need to be sure there is enough clearance to open the door and that the door will not hit anything or be obstructed when opened. You need to have all of your measurements written down before you go to the store. You should also find out if you have studs in the wall and how far apart they are spaced because you will need to screw wall cabinets into studs.

Buy cabinets and install

The last step is to buy and install your cabinets. Many come with brackets or mounting systems which make this as easy as screwing the mounting rack into the wall studs and putting your shelves on it.

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