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How to format windows XP

Windows XP is one of the older operating systems that are still making its presence felt. Lots of individuals are still not aware of how to format Windows XP in a proper manner. With this article, you will get a clear understanding of how to format Windows XP. Read on!

Formatting Windows XP

To format windows XP, you need to go through below-mentioned steps: · First and foremost, insert your windows operating system CD into your computer CD drive.
· Next, start your computer and boot up until you get access to the CD.
· Once you do that, you will find number of files loading and your screen will become blue.
· Press F8 to give an approval to some rules and regulations. Don’t worry, there is nothing complicated about it.
·After accepting the rules and regulations, you will see a list of previous Windows versions that are there in your computer.
· It’s totally up to you which version you are interested in. To erase the partition, press D on your keyboard.
· If you are interested in creating a new partition, press C on your keyboard. This is a location where your fresh copy is going to be installed.
· Now is a time to opt for format windows XP in NTFS.
· You have an option of going for a fast format or a slow format. A slow format is recommended because it will remove all the errors that are having a negative impact on your computer.
· Your computer will start transferring some setup files from the CD to your computer.
· Your computer will restart. Make sure that you do not touch your keyboard at this moment of time.
· When the computer loads, you will find a setup screen of windows XP. You need to fill in some details, however it is not mandatory, so you can skip it.
· In this stage, you will be asked to enter your serial number. If you do not have serial number, you have a month time to activate windows.

Formatting Windows XP

Before you start the formatting process, it is advisable that you backup all of your files. This is important because when you format your computer, all of your files that are stored there previously are going to be erased.
Formatting windows XP is relatively easy provided you follow all the directions as mentioned above.

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