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How to get a Manchester United signed shirt

Signed Manchester United shirts can be worth a lot of money, especially ones with historical significance. This means that if you can get your hands on one, then you could make some money out of it by selling it on. This article tells you some of the places that you can go to get your hands on a signed Manchester United shirt.


Manchester United regularly hold charity auctions where they sell off old memorabilia and these can be great places to pick up signed Manchester United shirts. These charity auctions raise a lot of money for Manchester United's chosen charity and so the merchandise can sell for quite a lot of money, so be prepared to dip your hand in to your pocket. Manchester United often provide information on these upcoming auctions, so look out for them. United's own auctions It is not just United's own auctions where you can pick up signed Manchester United shirts. Other big sports auctions will also sell signed Manchester United gear, so look out for them but only go to the big ones as smaller auctions are unlikely to have such valuable signed collectables for sale.


Ebay is an online auction site where you can pick up Manchester United signed shirts for some very good prices. Once you find an item that you like, you enter an online auction against other potential buyers which means that if nobody bids against you, then you could land yourself a bargain. The signed memorabilia will still be fairly expensive but can be a lot cheaper than actual auctions.

Get it signed yourself

The cheapest way to get hold of a signed Manchester United shirt is to get it signed yourself. The best way to do this is to take your shirt along to matches and try to get to the front row of the stand that you are in. Players regularly come over to sign autographs, and so will be more than happy to sign shirts as well. Then, if you want to make a bit of money, you can try and sell the shirt on through one of the methods listed above.

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