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How to get a New Zealand passport

What is the procedure to follow to get a New Zealand passport? The regulations and citizenship laws require certain evidence to be provided for obtaining a passport, and a fee to be paid.

Aotearoa New Zealand passport application basics

The New Zealand passport Uruwhenua Aotearoa (its full title) application process is straightforward for Aotearoa New Zealand citizens who are in the home country when making the application. Application forms
The forms can be obtained by phoning or emailing the Passport Office of the Department of Internal Affairs. is the internet portal where a passport application form download is available. Do not send the form off without necessary documentation, photographs and payment of the fee. Passport application documentation
Proof of citizenship and identity are required to get a passport. The original birth certificate, not a photocopy, and two photographs of the applicant must be sent as part of the application. Biometric passport photographs
A recent photograph of the applicant with neutral facial expression, looking straight ahead and not wearing spectacles with frames. These conditions are so that electronic facial scanning equipment at a port of entry can match the face to the electronically stored photograph. Renewal of a New Zealand passport
Must be arranged every five years with new photographs and full fee payable, but the application form is simpler. Passport application processing times
Ten working days for the normal fee. Three working days for double the normal charge. After hours immediate (if available), costs quadruple the basic fee.

Special applications for New Zealand passports

Application from outside New Zealand
New Zealand citizens can apply to one of the following for emergency travel documents- 1) the nearest New Zealand Embassy, High Commision or Consulate. 2) one of the New Zealand passport offices in Sydney, Australia or London. 3) direct to the New Zealand passport office in Wellington with full documentation and photographs. The fee includes the replacement passport but a delivery charge may be made. Special applications for New Zealand passports a) Refugee applicants living in Aotearoa New Zealand who cannot obtain a passport from their country of birth may qualify for a Certificate of Identity or a Refugee Travel Document, which allows them to leave New Zealand for certain periods of time. b) Transgender applicants who are New Zealand citizens have the right for their passport to show their nominated gender. Getting a New Zealand passport
New Zealand passport application is simple for New Zealand residents, but requires approximately five years registered residency in New Zealand for immigrants.

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