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How to get a better cell phone signal

This article will show cell phone users how to boost their phone signal as well as give them the tips and steps to follow. More than 69% of the United States receives a low cell phone signal. In this article, you will find out how to circumvent low cell phone signal.

Steps to take

Your battery is more instrumental than you think. Your cell phone requires a battery to connect a call. Therefore, as you may imagine, it is easier to make a call when the battery is fully charged. It would, therefore, be advisable to keep your battery charged to two bars or above. Landscape Another thing which affects the signal is large structures and buildings, as they can easily block the course of a phone signal. If you are found deep within a building, it is advisable to make calls while standing near windows as this gives your signal less of a a challenge to go through. Cellular band radio waves do not effectively penetrate earth. So, if you are underground, it is highly likely that you will not receive a cell phone signal. Upgrade your antenna
A few cell phone manufacturers make a "Hi-gain" antenna for their handsets. This can be bought from the Internet or in stores. These can be useful and inexpensive solutions for some phones. Host a cell site A lesser known method is to host a cell site on your property. Major wireless carriers will allow you to do this. Registering is compulsory, however. When you register, you are put on a short list of places and the wireless carrier will upgrade its coverage area in the future. Changing networks
Most networks operate independently of one another. They use their own frequencies and construct their own cell phone towers. Chances are, if the signal is bad with one network, you can improve by switching to another network. Most phone networks allow you to transfer your phone number when you change provider.


Arid, high humidity and lightening can all cause a reduction in cell phone signal. Car amplifiers If you wish to boost your cell phone signal in your car, you will need a mobile signal booster with a battery or cigarette lighter adapter. Wireless signal booster You can also boost your cell phone signal by using a non-electrical, wireless mobile signal booster. Some of these steps and tips may not work, but they are definitely worth trying as poor cell phone reception can be very problematic at times.

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