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How to get a colonic cleansing

Colonic cleansing, also known as colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy is becoming a popular treatment in the UK and beyond. Despite this, many people are unsure about the treatment and don't like the idea of having it done. Let's discover what the benefits of colonic cleansing are, how the procedure is done and how to find your nearest colonic hydro-therapist.

What is colonic cleansing?

Benefits of colonic cleansing Colonic cleansing leaves you feeling clean and revitalised. It also exercises and tones your bowels, so as to ensure the evacuation of waste both during the procedure and afterwards. Here are a few things that colonic cleansing is particularly useful in treating and relieving: - IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
- organic diseases such as diverticulitis
- other diseases of which a symptom is poor bowel mechanics
- body detoxification (when accompanied by a detox diet) Further benefits of colonic cleansing: - improved bowel function
- clearer skin
- more mental clarity
- fewer headaches The procedure itself Initially, you have to make an appointment with a hydro-therapist who will put you at ease and explain the procedure, taking your case history into consideration. Is colon cleansing safe?
The procedure itself begins with a brief rectal exam before a 4cm speculum is introduced to open the sphincter. After this, two tubes will be attached, an inlet tube and an outlet tube. Water goes in and waste comes out - the waste is then piped away. The water pressure is carefully controlled and is usually lower than that generated during a bowel movement.

How to find a colonic cleanser

Finding a colonic hydro-therapist can be easier said than done. Even though the procedure is becoming more popular, it is not yet commonplace and some people do not like talking about it. Here, find out how to find your nearest colonic cleanser. Word of mouth - Intestinal cleansing
Perhaps you are interested in colonic cleansing if a friend has recently undergone the procedure. Speak with him or her about where they went and whether or not theY were comfortable with the procedure. There is no greater recommendation than that of a friend's.
Clinics that provide similar treatments
Why not visit clinics in your area which carry out similar treatments? Even if they do not perform the procedure themselves, they are bound to refer you to a clinic that does. The internet
If you live in the UK, why not visit (hydrotherapy)? This website tells you everything you need to know about colonic cleansing as well as listing a directory of local clinics that provide it.

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