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How to get a job as a financial accountant

Accountants perform a number of different tasks for businesses throughout the UK. They can handle tax issues and ensure that a business's or an individual's obligations to the revenue service are met. Accountants can oversee budgeting, expenses and payroll for business. They can help to prepare balance sheets, profit/loss reports and other required documents for public companies. However, to become an accountant in the UK, you must meet certain requirements.


One way to get involved in accounting jobs or banking finance as an accountant is to get a degree from a university in mathematics or accountancy. There are many universities throughout the United Kingdom that have accounting programmes. In order to get the best possible job, consider trying to get a degree form a well-known and prestigious university such as Cambridge or Oxford. To do this, you will need to have top grades and examination scores. Any degree in accounting or maths from an accredited institution should help you to get an accounting job. However, if you cannot get into a top university programme, you may still be able to work in the field of financial banking.

Other programmes

Those interested in finding financial job opportunities and having an accountant career can also take course through the Association of Accounting Technicians or through the Institute of Chartered Accountants. It is possible to obtain qualifications for UK accountant jobs and banking jobs through these programmes in less time than it will normally take you to go to school and obtain a degree in accounting or a related field.

Experience and job-seeking

Once you have the education necessary to prove to potential employers that you will be able to handle the tasks assigned to an accountant, the next step is to polish your curriculum vitae (CV) and to actually apply for jobs. Include your schooling or background as well as any jobs you have held that are relevant on your CV. Make sure to read the job's description carefully before applying, and to ensure that your CV shows that you have the qualifications, skills and necessary experience that the accountancy firm or hiring company is seeking in their candidates.

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