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How to get bargains from clearance sales

The end of the cold winter season or the hot summer often means that it is clearance time. Buying from bargain sales allows you to affordably stock up for the next season or even for the rest of the season, since sales usually happen while there is a month of the current season left over. Clearance sales may also happen throughout in-season times due to overstock or going out of business.

Know the sale date

Make sure that you know the date. Usually, shopping malls will advertise when they are having a clearance or "side-walk" sale. Sometimes, stores will have an e-mail newsletter available or will include a flyer with the upcoming sale date in your purchase bag. Look for notices in the newspapers, flyers or notices in the store of an upcoming sale.

Have an online backup plan

For those who are serious about their discounted shopping, having an online backup plan may be necessary if the sale is missed. Some chain stores have universal sales worldwide, which means that if you've missed an item in person or couldn't find your size, it may still be available online. In fact, some stores offer online sales, extra discounts and coupon codes that you won't find in stores because you shopped online.

Don't just shop for clothes

While the garments may be your favourite part, clearance sales aren't only for clothes. Clearance sales also cover electronics, furniture, household items and cosmetics. Plan your shopping day around the clearance sale and try to get there early. Clearance sales are especially good for back-to-school shopping as new school wardrobes, supplies and new laptops will all be on sale.

Look for two for one sales

Two for one sales are great for stores that are trying to get rid of extra stock. These sales are great for shopper too. Keep your eyes open for two for one sales on jeans, since jeans are usually so expensive.

Look into student cards

Sometimes, stores will have promotional club cards that allow extra discounts, such as the ISIC student card or the NUS extra card. These offer discounts not only on fashion, but also on food and travel. Some stores may not accept these cards while they are having a sale, but other stores will.

Don't be late

Be cognizant of these dates, as showing up too late in the sale week may result in a lack of selection as well as missing sizes.

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