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How to get cheap Bali holidays

With Java to the west and Lombok to the east, Bali is Indonesia's friendliest holiday island. It's not necessarily the case that all holidays in Bali should cost a fortune. By following a few valuable tips, it's possible to find some good deals on flights and hotels to Bali.

When to travel

Holiday companies and airlines work on supply and demand, so the more popular a destination is, the more it costs. The busy, peak summer season and national holidays are best avoided if trying to find affordable hotels and cheaper flights. If you travel out of season, you may find that hotel owners and airlines offer substantial discounts as they try to fill unsold rooms or tickets. Flight time Most tourists travel at the end of the week or on weekends, so try booking a flight at the beginning of the week for a cheaper option. Moreover, try flying unsociable hours as these may be on offer at cheaper rates.


By law, airlines and holiday companies have to offer at least one free option to book a holiday, either online or in-store. Do your research in advance and check out which debit and credit cards are free to use and which come with hefty fees. If you decide to book with a company, but don't have the free to use debit or credit card, open a basic bank account at the respective bank, simply to obtain the card.

Book directly

Savings can sometimes be made by booking a flight directly with the airline and therefore, avoid additional charges from a travel agent or online travel website. Many airlines will also offer a complete Bali package holiday, taking care of hotels, transfers and car hire. Late deals Late or last minute, Bali deals may see large savings. However, be prepared to change your travel plans if relying on this service. A holiday may not become available and you could end up empty-handed.


If you need or want complete control over your holiday booking, the internet is probably the best answer. Many online travel companies offer cheap or discounted holidays in Bali. Most of these sights have a price comparison search engine, to find the cheapest flights and hotels in Bali. Some of the popular online travel sites are,,, and These sites also offer travel insurance, car hire and airport parking. Whatever your travel requirements to Bali are, with a bit of careful planning and research, a cheap deal can be found.

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