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How to get deals through Travelocity

Travelocity is an Internet travel agency that finds the best priced vacation deals. It finds cheap tickets for airfares, cruises and hotels. It's also possible to tailor-make a travel booking using its simple-to-follow guidelines. Follow this guide and enjoy great cheap vacations through Travelocity. Read on this article to know how to get deals through Travelocity.

Cheap vacations

For the best airfares, simply type in the number of passengers, destination, departure points and date of required travel. The site then trawls through all the airline fares and lists its results in order of price. Cheaper airfare deals
For even cheaper airfare deals, select the 'Flexible Dates' box and the cheapest airfares around the required time of travel will be listed. Select the required price and follow the guide through the remaining air reservations process.
Hotels For hotel pricing, type in the destination, dates, number of travellers, and the site will find an extensive list of online hotel prices. It's now possible to
tailor-make a requirement by using the sliding scales on the left of the screen. Use the options to reduce or increase price bands, star ratings and reviews. It is also possible at this stage to select hotels in certain areas of a destination.
Vacation packages Another way to get a cheap vacation through Travelocity is to select the vacation package tab. The website can find airline fares, hotel pricing and/or car hire as a combination and offers cheaper deals than if selected individually.


Travelocity can find a great cruise package. Simply enter the required information, and a list of available cruises, specific to your requirements is shown. This list can be arranged in a number of ways, for example, by cruise line, price or ship rating. It's now possible to read customer reviews, select and compare up to four cruises.
Travel booking Once that you've chosen a cruise, follow the easy on screen instructions to make a booking. This involves viewing a layout of the cruise liner and selecting a cabin from a diagram of the vessel.
Final word
Lastly, read through the itinerary, enter passenger information and pay via credit card. Whether it's cheap trips, online hotel deals, best airfares or cruises vacations that are required, use for an easy travel booking process and for a first-class vacation plan.

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