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How to get financial aid for single mothers in the UK

Being a single mother can really be stressful, especially when you are the breadwinner. There are a lot of financial responsibilities which you need to take care of when you are a single mother. Sometimes, it can also be very difficult for single mothers to get a decent job because they may not have the finances or time to study. The federal and state governments have therefore come up with different programs to help single women financially.

The application process

The assistance is usually in the form of grants and there are certain requirements which you must meet in order to qualify. You can apply for financial assistance if you want to start or expand a business, for skills or educational development and also when you can not provide for your children financially. There are also other programs which will help single mothers reduce utility bills and legal fees. How to apply
There are some documents that you need to compile first before you can start the application process. Make sure that you have your income and tax details for the previous year. You must also disclose whether you received any benefits from the government before. Educational grants for single moms
If you are a single mother and need financial aid to pursuit your education, you may need to visit a local financial aid councilor. He will help you through the process. There is an application you will also need to complete. This can also be done via the Internet. Alternatively, you can go to a financial aid office where you are required to complete a worksheet. They will use the information you provided on your income and tax form.

Other benefits

Child benefit
Single mothers are also entitled to claim this benefit. The weekly payout for the first child is greater than the one for subsequent children. In order to claim child benefit, you only need to contact her Majesty’s Customs and Revenues. Housing benefit
Single mothers qualify for emergency accommodation benefit if they have been illegally evicted. You can also claim benefits if you can not afford to pay rent. For the application, you can obtain a claim form from your local council. You only need to fill in the form and send it back with the requested documentation. This is how you can qualify for this scheme. Advice There are certain income and savings amounts however, which do not qualify for this benefit. So, it is therefore important to first check and verify with your local councilor.

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