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How to get free digital prints

When you are getting ready to print digital pictures from your camera, you will need to check different websites for free digital print promotions. You can get online coupon codes that you can apply to your order to get free prints. If you sign up for promotional emails from stores that offer photo printing services, you may get free promotions for cheap photos.

Get cheap photo prints

Online photo printing Online photo printing isn't as fast as taking your SD card to the local shop, but you can get better prices online, and use coupon codes for free digital prints. Promotions available
Sometimes, you can find promotions for stores that will let you upload your photos online, order your prints online, and then pick the photos up at the shop.
Online photo printing offers Free Photo Printing keeps a running list of many online digital photo printing offers that are currently available. If you go to, you will see a list of UK photo printers, and how you can get free photos printed. For example, on 28.06.11, Boots, Asda, Orange, and the Kodak Gallery were all offering 50 free photo prints if you are willing to pay for the post, which is usually under £2. Snapfish has 40 free prints with £1 P&P. Security of the photos When you upload your photos to an online gallery, you can save them, and use them later for photo book printing, and for digital photo sharing. You will create a user name and password to keep your photos secure.

Printing photos at home

Cost and quality of home printing Printing pictures at home is expensive if you factor in the cost of the colour ink and photo paper, and home printers may not have the quality of digital printers.
Resolution of the photo
However, a photo can only print as well as its resolution. A mobile phone photo taken on a camera with just a few mega-pixels, can have professional printing, and not look as good as a high resolution photo taken on a digital camera. Free photo prints If you buy colour ink for other purposes anyway, such as school projects and letters, you can look at home printing as 'free' photo prints.
Online templates
You can get free templates online to design photo cards, and printing your own cards will be less expensive than choosing to buy photo cards.

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Sony digital video cameras: The facts

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