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How to get health insurance?

Health insurance is not something that people in the UK really think about. There is no need to have insurance to cover expensive medical bills, due to the NHS. However, there are some costs which are not covered and they can be really expensive. It comes to the question of how to get health insurance in the UK.

Search for the different companies

You can get health insurance for many different companies in the UK. BUPA health insurance is one of the most well-known but it all depends on what you are looking for. The benefit of BUPA is that you can get private medical care but this may not be something that you want. Many people actually buy medical insurance in the UK to help with their dental and optical costs. Compare the plans The best thing that you can do is compare the companies and the plans that they can offer. Each company usually has three or four different plans available, which will have different premiums and offer different benefits.

Fill out the application forms

Once you have decided on the company to go to, you will need to fill out the application forms and pay your first premium. Make sure that you fill out the paperwork correctly, because you could find that you void your health insurance plans if you do not.
Put your family on your policy
You may be able to get your family onto your policy, which is worth doing. This can keep their medical costs down too. Check to find out what you need to do to put your children and even your partner onto your medical cover. You may need to upgrade to family health insurance to get this option.

Make your claims

Now that you have your private medical cover, it is time to start using it. If you opted for cover like BUPA, you will be able to afford private centres, which are beneficial especially if you have a serious medical condition. If you have opted for the costs which cover your optical and dental care, it is time to start using it.
Check for any cooling-off periods
Some companies will ask that you wait a certain amount of time to start claiming. Most of the time, this is around three months but you could find that it lasts up to a year. Make sure you read the fine print for all the documents that you sign.

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