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How to get late deals to Egypt

Finding a late holiday deal to Egypt is relatively straightforward. Tracking down the best and latest possible deals for your Egyptian adventure can be achieved in a number of ways, including holiday websites, low cost holiday comparison websites and using your local travel agent, such as Thompson holidays, Thomas Cook, Going Places and First Choice.

Travel agents

High Street You can visit the physical presence of travel agents in your local High Street.
Although High Street travel agents are becoming less prevalent, you can still book an appointment or simply walk off in the street and enquire about the best price that the agents can offer you on last-minute travels to Egypt.
Consider whether you might be able to book one element of your Egyptian holiday with a travel agent but make a separate booking elsewhere in order to save costs. For example, a travel agency might be able to offer you a great last-minute deal on a hotel room in central Cairo but then provide you with a steep cost for the air fare.
In this instance, you should consider booking the accommodation with the agency before searching out your own cheap, last-minute flight. Online Visit the online presence of travel agencies to see if you can capitalise on any sales, nationwide offers or special Internet deals which are not available in the travel agents High Street stores.
Enter your travel requirements, including any flexibility that you have with your departure or arrival dates, before looking through the options and prices that are generated for your Egyptian travel.

Price comparison websites

Finding the best price online Use price comparison websites, such as, or to find the best possible last-minute deals for holidays to Egypt.
Enter your holiday criteria while making your travel as cheap as possible. Consider, for example, travelling to an airport on the outskirts of a city rather than the city centre airport. This will provide you with a significantly cheaper
last-minute deal.
In this instance, you should think about how you will travel from the airport to your accommodation and whether the overall cost will be cheaper. Contact direct To increase your last-minute Egypt holiday savings, you should consider phoning the holiday company directly.
Quote to them the price which you have found on a price comparison website before asking if they are able to match or beat the price offered.
Although it is unlikely that you will make any massive savings in this way, you might be able to free up a little additional spending money.

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