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How to get medical questions answered online

Finding answers to medical questions online can be tricky, because often, self-diagnosis and well meaning advice are wrong. In order to find proper medical advice on the internet, websites with licensed doctors or government health sites are the most trustworthy sources. This article details out how to get medical questions answered online.

NHS 24

NHS 24 is a free online service that provides healthcare advice and medical information to Scotland. However, it can be accessed by anyone and offers a self-help guide that will help to answer questions about medical conditions or symptoms. If the answer or advice that is needed isn't already available, an enquiry can be sent to NHS 24 advisers who will respond to any questions or concerns. Answered questions are made available to any other users, so a database of health questions is available to look through as well. Additionally, NHS 24 offers the ability to find local health services, such as walk in clinics or hospitals for residents of Scotland.


WebMD offers a large selection of medical advice on a wide variety of subjects, from sexual health to teen development. It can be a great source of information on diseases, ailments and physical injuries. However, it does not offer treatment ideas and tips for lesser ailments, for more serious conditions and diseases. WebMD is only a place for information. In the end, this site is great for advice on lesser problems and information on how to live healthier.

This site allows users to directly ask certified MDs health and wellness questions. Questions can either be free or paid and both are answered fairly quickly, with no more than a 48-hour wait for an answer. Previously asked questions can be looked at directly by any user, so if someone else has had a similar problem, the information is already there. Ask Medical Doctor currently has four MDs answering questions and interacting with their community and emails are sent out to people who have asked questions, once they have been answered. This is a great place to find out more about a curious symptom or condition from a certified doctor without leaving the house, but caution should be taken, as seeing a doctor in person is often preferable to consultation through the Internet.

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