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How to get rid of body acne

Just like facial acne, body acne can be quite distressing. Although body acne is not as exposed as face acne, it has the same effect of bringing down the self-esteem of an individual. Some people believe that they are beautiful only if their whole body is flawless and spotless. Due to this reason, acne can be a distress to them. Here are ways to get rid of body acne.

What causes acne?

Acne occurs when the acne-causing bacteria clogs the pores of the skin, hence making excretion of body wastes and oils impossible. This leads to the accumulation of the dirt and bacteria in the skin pores, thus forming what is called whiteheads, blackheads or comedones.

Getting rid of body acne

Body acne is similar in symptoms to facial acne. Usually, people who develop facial acne have higher chances of developing body acne. The way in which one should deal with facial acne is similar to how one should handle facial acne with few additions. Body acne is acne found on the chest area, arms, back and bottom. Unlike facial acne, it can be painful because it comes into contact with clothing.

Tips on how to get rid of body acne

Strict hygiene General hygiene is the first remedy when dealing with acne. It is important to take a bath everyday or if possible, twice daily. Anyone suffering from acne should avoid harsh soaps, shower gels and bathing scrubs. Instead, one should invest in mild soaps and non-perfumed body cleansers.
Loose and comfortable clothing The skin needs to be aerated and for this, anyone trying to get rid of acne should wear loose-enough clothing. Cotton clothing is recommended as it helps to absorb all body sweat. Nylon clothing should be avoided as it does not absorb sweat hence, aggravating the condition.
Mild skin care regimen

Acne is usually triggered by lotions used on the body. It is therefore wise to choose skin care products that do not irritate the skin. People with sensitive skin should be very careful in choosing their skin care products.
What to eat Some foods are known to trigger acne. If one has a history of such acne causes, then the causative foods should be avoided or ingested in very small amounts. Common foods that trigger acne include nuts, milk products and eggs. Other ways to get rid of acne include stress management as hormonal imbalances can trigger skin complications. Much fluid intake is advised as it helps to cleanse the body from the inside. One can also check out for trusted acne treatment products which helps to clear acne scars on the face, back or chest. However, choosing these can be tricky, and one must first carry out a skin compatibility test.

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