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How to get rid of dog worms

Worms are a reality in most dogs and puppies at some point in their lives. Worms in puppies are very common. Parasites in dogs can lead to numerous health issues and even death. For that reason, the more you know about canine worms, the better it is for the health and wellness of your best furry friend.

Causes of internal parasites in dogs

If you were to ask the question - how do dogs get worms, there would not be a simple answer. If veterinarians knew how they get them, then they could take steps to prevent them. Being worms free is not as easy as it sounds, even when as an owner you do everything right. For instance, mosquitoes are often to blame for causing the transmission of heartworm from one dog to another. Hookworms in dogs are also very common but can be caused by any number of things. Tapeworms are also very common in dogs and are similar to the cat tapeworm.

Symptoms of dog worms

There are many different symptoms that a dog worming is in order for your pet. One such symptom is an odour coming from the mouth that many people refer to as “puppy breath.” While bad breath in dogs can be due to dental issues, it can also be a sign of intestinal worms. Other symptoms include diarrhoea, worms in dog poop
(which may look like white segments), anaemia and a poor appetite. If your dog has a good appetite but is losing weight, then this may be an indication that it needs to be dewormed. If it sits and rubs its hind end along the floor or the ground outside, then it may be feeling some discomfort which could be a sign of worms.

Treating worms

If you notice that your puppy or dog is showing any of these symptoms, then you need to take it to see the veterinarian as soon as possible. The vet will prescribe a worm treatment for your pet. Most dog worm treatments are by prescription only and cannot be purchased over the counter at a pet store. After the medication takes effect, you should see a marked improvement in your dog. Following the initial dog wormer that will been given to your pet in order to keep it free of worms, in the future you will need to give it medications to keep the worms away. To keep your dog as free of worms as possible do not give it raw meat or fish. Make sure that its sleeping space and his dog crate are kept immaculately clean. When you take it for walks, pay close attention to what it sniffs and comes into contact with.

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