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How to get student airfare discounts

One of the benefits of being a student is the opportunity for travelling the world. In these days of adventure holidays, budget airlines and gap year student trips, the options available for travel to far-flung places are extensive. However, a disadvantage of being a student can be the lack of funds. So, knowing how to get a cheap flight is a necessary skill. Read this article to know how to get student airfare discounts.

Student cards

A standard NUS card may get you discounts with travel agents or with online travel agencies. There are also two other student identity card namely, the International Student Exchange Card and the International Student Identity Card. Both are internationally recognised and will help you in providing discount flight tickets with selected companies in signed up countries.

Student Air Travel Association

The Student Air Travel Association or SATA was established in 1969 as a global association to assist in the travel aspirations of young people. Nowadays, it has special partnerships with more than 80 airlines, offering unique flight tickets to full-time students and those aged under 26. Members The SATA members are student travel organisations that negotiate terms with airlines. Tickets for these airlines are then sold by appointed ticket agents worldwide. Visit for further details.


There are many Internet-based travel companies offering 'student prices'. The reality is that the majority of these sites uses the same search engines as standard travel sites. Therefore, prices are not 'student' specific. The following websites are worth checking out. Sta Travel Go to for some great student deals. Sta Travel UK are a globally recognised company offering complete assistance to the student traveller. They promise to beat any flight price or will give your next flight free of charge. Student Flights Student Flights is a student-orientated travel company. It offers deals on flights and hotel packages as well as car hire, travel insurance and advice on travelling and working abroad. The company is run by "Young'uns" who have all spent time 'trekking around the globe'. So, know what you're looking for. Their flights are suitable for all student travels, including gap year and working holidays. has all the details. Both of the above mentioned companies offer help and advice on general student travel matters. A cheap, flexible flight ticket is worth searching for. Other deal options Other deal options worth looking for are refunds for an unused leg of a journey, flying into one airport and out from another, and changes of ticket details without heavy penalties.

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