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How to get the best price for used DVDs

With the economy as it is, people are looking how to get cash. Cash for CD and DVD, is a great way to clear space in your home and boost your bank balance too. You could also try selling old books or sell your games.

Before you advertise

Sale of used DVDS Selling used DVDs is something that requires a bit of work and the understanding that used DVDs are not worth what they once were.
With a good strategy in place and the identification of the proper outlets for selling previously viewed DVDs,, you can maximise the return on your investment. Check out the DVD case
Make sure that all DVDs are all in their cases with the case artwork intact. If you have the artwork but the case is damaged, get replacement cases to make your DVD packaging look like new.
Clean the DVD Clean your DVDs and make sure that they do not have any scratches in them. Do not attempt to sell DVDs with scratches.
Packaging the sets of DVDS If you have sets of DVDs, such as complete television show episodes or all of the parts of a movie trilogy, then package them together to try and get the best price possible. A complete collection of a movies series may be worth more to someone who has been looking for it.


Sale of the DVDS on the Internet The most convenient way of selling your DVDs is on the Internet. If you have an online payment account with one of the larger online payment providers, you can even get paid instantly. Many people who buy and sell products on the Internet use these accounts, and it makes the transaction go faster and smoother.
Ads of the DVDS on websites Place ads on any free classified advertising websites you can find. It will help to list all of the titles you are trying to sell and offer one price to purchase all of your DVDs. Online auction sites You can also use the online auction sites to sell your DVDs, or you may be able to use online exchange sites to get more money for your used DVDs. Try eBay, Amazon, or Play. Many people are trying to do the same as you and succeeding with these sites.


Sale of DVDS to shops If shops sell previously viewed DVDs, they'll almost definitely buy your used DVDs from you. Sometimes, a DVD will come packaged with a booklet of material or a special insert, and having these can help you to gain more value when trading in your DVDs to a store - they love to offer items like this.

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