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How to get web design work in the UK

Trying to find work in the UK remains difficult. However, this does not mean that it is impossible. Web design jobs pop up all over the place but there is so much competition that it can be difficult to be successful. However, with a little help, you could be on your way to working as a web page design specialist.

Check your CV

The most important part of applying for jobs to design websites is by making sure that your CV shows your capabilities well. It should be laid out with your previous employment and your experience which is linked to design services. Elaborate on points, such as how you helped your company succeed, and make sure that your proofread your CV for all spelling and grammar errors.

Your covering letter

This is the chance to explain why you want the job and how you can help the company succeed. Make sure you are going into details about your work experience and how your skills in web page building can help the company. Like your CV, make sure you proofread everything you write as this is the first chance the prospective employer will get to see your communication skills.

Include your work

This can sometimes be hard with online application forms and you may need to add it into your CV or cover letter. However, it is always worth including the link to your portfolio to show why you should be hired as a web designer for the company. If you do not have any completed work, then you could consider adding your works in progress to help show off your skills.

Include your blog

A great way to show initiative and your communication skills is by including a blog - you may have even designed the work yourself. This is something whichyou could consider as a link in your covering letter or in your CV as part of your extra activities.

Be ready for the interview

The part which lets many people down when trying to get into the web design business is the interview. You need to be ready for the questions they are going to ask you - especially the question about why you want the job. Besides, make sure that you have questions for them, including what you will be doing as part of the role and for more about the company. Do your research on the company too.

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