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How to host a murder game in your home?

Hosting a murder mystery game in your home can be a great way to get some friends together for an evening and have a lot of fun. Murder mystery party games are essentially a series of clues played out by each guest over the course of an evening as part of a script. This article will explain how to host a murder mystery evening.

Invite your guests

Be sure to invite friends you know will have no problem in taking part in what can be a very silly series of events. Hosting a murder mystery evening with even just one person who is reluctant to throw themselves into their character can ruin an evening. Tips - Invite guests well in advance, so that preparations can be made and they can also get used to the idea of acting out your mystery. - Allow your guests to mingle prior to the beginning of the game, especially if they have not met before. This is a great way to break the ice, and people are much more likely to join in the fun once they feel comfortable with each other.

Get a good script!

Script writing creativity
You may have to write it yourself, but make sure there are enough clues in it to be able to discover the villain without making it too easy. Tips Make sure each character is well developed and believable, with a bacground, a personality and a potential for murder. Where to look for it If you can’t come up with something which is funny, entertaining, a little bit frightening and intriguing, there are many scripts available on the Internet.

Set the scene

Setting the scene is very important - murder mysteries are far more exciting and believable if you do it in costume or in a decorated house!
Tips Allow your guests to get used to their characters, and adapt to their own personal styles, tastes and desires. However, do not allow them to deviate from the script or from key character personality traits.

Some rules

Do not allow your guests to divulge their character, their character's motives or personality traits. Not only will this make it more fun for everybody involved, it also means that the suspense of not knowing who is the villain is genuine.


Provide a prize to the winner, or if there is more than one guest who correctly identifies the villain, the best character. Even if the prize is something simple like a novelty prize winner's cup, the incentive will be strong enough for people to really get into your murder mystery evening.

Final word

Have fun - remember, the whole point of mystery parties is to get together with friends and do something different!

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