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How to install a double shower head

Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to the shower. Some people may like the shower head to pulse, while others may like a hard spray to massage muscles. If you have a double shower head, you will not constantly have to change the way it works. You can easily install a double shower head in approximately one hour.

Check the materials

Before you begin installing the double shower heads, make sure you have all of the materials needed for the installation. Check the unit packaging to make sure all materials are included. Materials needed These materials should include, adjustable swing arm unit, two shower heads, one Y adapter, Teflon tape, rubber washers and hex nuts. If there are parts missing contact the company, or return the unit where it was purchased and exchange for a new one. Locate the two shower heads and the swing arm unit. Immerse these parts totally in water for approximately 15 minutes. This allows the rubber washers and O-rings to turn to their natural state.

Turn the water off

- Ensure the water is turned off.
- Unscrew the old shower head from the pipe using a pipe wrench.
- After you finish removing it, clean the threads on the pipe with a mild detergent, and then dry completely.
- Wrap Teflon tape around the threads of the pipe, and make sure it is wrapped completely.
- Attach the dual shower head to the pipe with the threaded end.
-Tighten it using a pipe wrench to keep it from leaking.

Check for leaks

- Turn the water on and make sure there are not any leaks. If there are leaks, tighten with the pipe wrench until the leaking stops.
- Adjust the components of the unit.
- Adjust the swing arm to the desired height.
- When you are finish adjusting the unit, tighten the swarm arm with the wing nuts provided with the unit.
- Adjust both shower heads so that the angles are where they spray at the desired positions. Each shower head can be adjusted for low flow showerheads or for power showers, it is your choice. When you take a shower, you will find a small switch between the double shower heads, which turns the flow on to both or off to one of the shower heads.

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