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How to install a light fitting

By installing new lighting and lamps to your home, you can create a new level of ambiance or atmosphere through the careful selection of your chosen lighting. If your DIY skills are required simply to make the room or area of your home a brighter place, then read on to discover how to install a light fitting.

Equipment required

Tools needed for the task
Most of the tools required for this task should already be on hand for the able DIY enthusiast. Any new equipment required is easily available at any hardware or DIY store. You will need:
A circuit tester
Various sized screwdrivers
Wire strippers
Insulating tape
Power drill Light fixture
If it comes as part of a pack, the light feature should contain all the screws needed to complete the task as well as a ceiling rose should this be needed. If not, these are easily obtainable from your local DIY store.

Disconnect the existing circuit

Disconnecting the existing ceiling rose Turn off the mains electrical power to the lighting circuit and use a circuit tester to ensure the power is off. Unscrew the existing ceiling rose to expose the wiring of the electrical circuit. Number of cables present If there is just one circuit cable already in use ,then connecting the new light fitting is a simple task of removing the existing fitting and replacing it with the new one. Disconnect the cables
Remove the screws holding the cable cores in place and disconnect them from the terminals. Unscrew and remove the ceiling rose, set all aside as you may be able to reuse these when reinstalling the new fittings.

Securing the new light fitting

Using the existing base plate If the new light fitting can be installed into the existing base plate, then it is an easy task. If not, then a conduit box must be fitted flush with the ceiling surface and the base plate secured to this. The conduit box should be screwed securely to the underside of one of the ceiling battens. Installing home lighting Draw the cables up into the ceiling void above the spot where the light in the ceiling is to be installed. Link the circuit wiring using a small plastic connector box to the flex core.

Connecting the cables

Completing the task Reconnect the cables to the new fitting you have installed. Feed the cable into the conduit box and connect to the flex core wiring of the light fitting. Link the three connectors to the relevant cable cores.
Insulating tape If the black cable core is live, wrap it in fed insulating tape to highlight its being a live cable. Restore the mains power and test the new light fitting is correctly installed.

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