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How to install a toilet?

In this article, you can find useful information and instructions required for carrying out the installation process smoothly into the drain waste vent and supply system.

Common mistakes

Some common mistakes to avoid installing a toilet After all the hard work comes the time to assemble your toilet and here are certain common mistakes that we commit while doing the same: - Not complying with the local code restrictions
- Using low quality or small pipes
- Using copper in galvanising without any brass attachment or fitting between the joints
- Avoiding the use of PTFE tapes or pipe compound at threaded joints
- Not leveling the fixtures properly during installation procedure or avoiding air gap in the fixtures
- Keeping the supply stub very short in size by excess cutting so as to install shutoff valves after the finished valve falls in place
- Improper alignment of tubing into the fittings or even in stop valves and this in-turn leads to forced tightening of compression ring at an angle that will lead to leak. Most of us at the time of turning the water supply on in the house, flush toilet to get the sir or dirt removed from the lines. This will lead to problems in plumbing trim and sink faucets in the future.

Installation procedure

The installation procedure includes pipes with cold water supply stub out along with a shutoff valve and most probably a single air chamber. -The process starts with the fixing of the toilet floor range and closet bend. You will have to position the floor flange carefully, so that the flange reaches the floor. You will have to adjust the floor bolts in the plumber’s putty in a manner that they fall in the centre of the drainpipe. - Now the next step requires much attention. This is when you have to position the wax gasket over the toilet horn with the toilet bowl turned upside down. - After applying plumbers putty around the entire edge of the bowl, you have to lower the bowl into place over the flange. Feel the toilet while pushing it firmly so that you do not end up in a wrong position. These simple steps can let you through some most difficult procedures involved in a new toilet installation using a toilet repair kit

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