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How to install shower enclosure kits

If you have the necessary space in your bathroom, then installing a separate enclosure shower will give you another option if you don't have the time for a long soak. You could even have one installed in your bedroom for that en-suite luxury. Installing corner shower units is not without its obstacles, but with the help of this guide, it's a job that you can do yourself.

Water outlets

However, before the enclosure construction can begin, you will need to ensure that there is both an adequate water outlet installed to allow the water to drain out, as well as the necessary water supply. For this, it is advisable to get a qualified plumber to do the work unless you have extensive plumbing experience yourself.

Install the shower tray

This is by far the most important part of the whole shower unit, and care should be taken to install it correctly. First, attach the enclosure tray to the water outlet, ensuring that there is a suitable water-tight gasket on both sides. Mix mortar in a bucket, using four parts of sand to one part of cement. Spread the mortar evenly on the floor where the tray will be going. Then, place the tray into the mortar and check that it is inline with a spirit level.

Apply the sealant

Apply silicone sealant all the way around the enclosure tray in the places where it meets the wall tiles. Ensure that there are no visible gaps at all in any of the joins so that no water can seep through.

Fitting the shower enclosure

Go for the frameless type shower enclosures here wherever possible. This is because while they are a little harder to install, the end result is so much more effective. First, attach the panel brackets to the wall by drilling pilot holes and filling them with raw plugs. The brackets can then be screwed to the wall with the screws which came with the kit.

Attach the glass panels

Now, attach the glass panels to the fitted wall brackets. The panels will come with ready-made holes, so you can simply screw the panels to the bracket. Apply silicone sealant to any joins to avoid any leakages.

Attach the shower head

Finally, you can attach the shower head. In general, it will not come with the enclosure kit, so you will have to purchase one separately. Choose a contemporary shower head here to ensure that your shower has an entirely modern look.

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