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How to label an envelope?

If you're looking to label an envelope, maybe for business or personal reasons but you're not certain how to ensure the envelope address is done correctly, then this article can help. From choosing the right envelope to including custom address labels, this article can help you to make the right decision.


Take an envelope and with your letter, fold as appropriate into the correct size, fitting into the envelope. You may decide that if you are addressing a letter to a business address, you want it to look professional. Therefore, you will need to use a computer program such as Microsoft Word. Labels can be created easily on a computer. How to Create Address Labels 1. In Microsoft Office, go to the Tools menu, point to Letters and Mailings and then click Envelopes and Labels.
If using Microsoft Office 2007, this should be under the 'Mailings' tab.
2. Click the Labels tab and click Options.
3. Select the type of printer and supplier of the label sheets that you will print the labels on. Under Product Number (if this appears on the tab), select the number which corresponds to the number listed on the package of label sheets and then click OK.
4. Under the Envelopes and Labels dialog box, click New Document, to open a new label.
5. Type the relevant information onto the labels. How to Print Address Labels
On the file menu, click Print to print the labels out as required. Other forms of Labels There are various types of other labels which you might like to use, including personal address labels, and a return address label, which are usually included as options to tick in the tab which allows you to create a label. Mail merge labels can be created in Word. You will need to open Outlook to create mail merge documents to your relevant contacts.


To ensure you make the right impression to your sender, it is important that you select the right kind of envelopes for your letter. A large envelope or FedEx box, for example, is appropriate for large documents. When buying envelopes, you can save yourself both time and money by buying in large quantities. How to make envelopes Choosing an efficient envelope supplier ensures that you can create your own envelopes. You might want to create some designs on the drawing board before putting your design in the care of an envelope manufacturer. An envelope maker will print your envelopes to specification. Alternatively, you might want to go to an envelopes wholesaler such as Western State, where you can buy in bulk. Return address stamps may be required.

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