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How to land IT jobs in Australia

Australia is a very strong, modern economy which is strong in the areas of telecommunications, IT and the service industry. As such, there are many different IT jobs in the country, which this article will detail, along with how to get them.

Education for IT jobs in Australia

University in Australia Due to the often complex, demanding, pressurised and intellectual nature of many IT vacancies in Australia, the employers regard a university education and/or professional training as advantageous and usually a pre-requisite.
To this end, there are many very great universities in Australia. According to, the Australian National University, the University of Melbourne, the University of NSW, the University of Sydney and the Queenslan University of Technology all have rankings of four or over (out of five) for their mathematical, information and computing sciences. Benefits of degrees Degrees in information technology, computer science or other related subject from these institutions (or others) will prove helpful in landing in IT careers in Australia. To find such a job in Australia, there are different graduate books that one can look at or different graduate careers site, such as the Australia sections of or

Different routes into IT jobs in Australia

Expatriate IT jobs For those trying to find a job in Australia from abroad, there is a Working Holiday maker scheme which typically offers jobs, such as bar work and jobs in agriculture. This, however, will probably not be the best for those who want IT jobs in Australia. For this, the budding IT worker is probably best-off applying to the Skilled Migrant, which finds jobs for expatriates with specific skills, such as information technology. The ‘career ladder’ route Although, working in Australia in IT can often require professional training and/or a university education, one does not necessarily need this. Because of this, the vocational/career ladder route into IT jobs in Dubai may be preferable. By this, it means that one gets an entry-level job somewhere and works up the ‘ladder’, gaining experience and a good reputation within the company.
The IT worker will then hear about promotions within the company which s/he can go for. However, especially in some of the very prestigious, competitive companies present in Australia, people can find there is a glass ‘ceiling’ to how far up in companies they can go.

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