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How to live your dream of volunteering overseas?

Are you interested in volunteering overseas? This article will help you get started on making this dream a reality.


When you are thinking about volunteering overseas, the first thing you need to consider is your destination. You need to ask yourself: - What overseas country am I most interested in visiting?
- Do they speak my language, and if not, will it affect my time there?
- What kind of work do I want to be doing, eg. physical (building schools in Africa), teaching (volunteer teaching in Europe or Asia) or interacting with others (eg. counselor/team leader at a school or summer camp)
- How long do I want to volunteer for? (A few weeks, three months, six months or a year)

Booking a program

Once you have decided which country you would like to volunteer your services in, the next step is to start searching online for a volunteer program that interests you the most, and one which you will gain the most from. It is important that you do your research to make sure that you choose a program that is best suited for your needs and personality. Choosing the correct program is essential as it directly affects your ability enjoy the experience. If you are having fun, you are more likely to be useful to those around you, and therefore, it make the experience greatly worthwhile for all parties involved. Below are websites which will be helpful:


First things first, you should pack your bag! Don't go over the board and bring your entire wardrobe. Be sensible. Only pack the items that you know you will wear. If you hate them now, you will still hate them overseas. Research the climate and weather of your chosen country and pack accordingly. A wise idea is to research and gather information on all cultures and customs of whichever country you have chosen to volunteer in. There is no point packing a short skirt if it is disrespectful to the countries religion. Be smart and considerate. Buy a journal, something to can use to record your experiences and feelings throughout your time away. This way not only are you keeping a diary of your experience, great to look back on in the years to come, but you will also have an useful outlet when you need to express yourself. Finally, say your goodbyes. Take the time to say goodbye properly, everyone needs closure. Work out the best ways to keep in touch and acknowledge that you might get home sick, and that's fine. It is normal! Go live the dream! how to live your dreams of volunteering overseas

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