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How to maintain your dreadlocks?

Maintaining Rasta dreadlocks or dreads for short is not as complicated as people may think. Dreadlocks maintenance is as simple as caring for any other hair type and it is simply a matter of knowing what to use in the hair to get the best results. Here's what you should know to maintain your locks.

How to maintain dreadlocks

Most people hold the misconception that dreadlocks are dirty and unkempt but dreads locks are quite easy to maintain. Step 1
Wash dread-locked hair regularly with a clear, mild shampoo to avoid build up. For conditioning, use a leave-in spray conditioner rather than a creamy wash out conditioner to keep dreads looking nice. Step 2
Cover dread-locked hair at night to prevent frizzing and to preserve neatness. This also keeps lint out of the locks and will ensure a tidy appearance.
Step 3
Avoid using heavy and unnecessary hair products. Products such as beeswax, pomades and gels will attract dirt to the hair. Step 4
Apply oil sheen and locking gel to the hair after shampooing. Oil keeps the hair shiny and prevents it from drying out. Apply locking gel after shampooing and twist the base of the locks. Step 5
If the locks are new (first-time dreadlocks), twist the base of each lock after shampooing and anchor each lock with a clip to keep the locks tight until they are dry. Step 6
The locked hair may not look the way you expect it to look right away but it is a lengthy process and it will get there eventually.

How to grow dreadlocks: Locking gel method

How to grow dreadlocks: Locking gel step 1
Part a section of hair and apply locking gel to the section. Step 2
Comb through the section of hair, stopping midway down the strands. Step 3
Using a small rat tail comb, twist the section of hair. Twist the comb, making a tight coil in the hair. Step 4
Twist the comb, slowly pulling it downwards through the hair. When the comb goes through, the hair should be in a tight coil. Repeat this process all through the hair until the entire capillary area is covered. Please note, the sections should be small enough so that when the locks mature and thicken, it can remain neat.

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