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How to make a Burger King job application

If you have a great personality, like to work hard and desire an excellent career progression, you may wish to consider applying for Burger King jobs. Burger King UK offers positions at their national HQ and in their restaurants throughout the UK. Discover how to make a Burger King job application.

What benefits does Burger King offer?

Beside outstanding support and career potential, Burger King offers the following benefits: - A competitive salary; - Generous holiday entitlement; - A management bonus scheme; - A pension scheme; - Friends and family discount; - A free uniform and free meals during shifts.

How do I find Burger King vacancies?

You can use the Burger King Career website to find restaurants close to your house and discover the vacancies available. Burger King offers jobs in management, crew and support centres. Once you have decided on your prospective Burger King work location, you will be free to submit your details for consideration by the Burger King restaurant recruitment team.

How do I apply for Burger King vacancies?

Burger King job applications can be filled out online. Your personal details During the application process, you will be required to submit your personal details, including your name, address and contact telephone numbers. Your work experience and qualifications You will be required to provide details of your work experience and qualifications. Additional information You may wish to provide information on your interests and achievements in the additional Information section of the form. Your availability You will be asked to provide details of your availability when filling in your online job application.

Do I need previous experience to work in Burger King roles?

Crew member roles If you are submitting an application to become a crew member, you are unlikely to need any work experience. However, it may help. Management roles If you wish to apply for a management role, you will require at least six months’ experience of working in a supervisory role in a customer service environment. You do not need a degree to become a manager at the company. You simply need to be enthusiastic and have the willingness to work as part of a successful team. Support centre roles If you have a background or keen interest in HR, law or marketing, you may wish to work in a support centre role.

What training will I receive?

Crew member training If you want to become a crew member, you will join the Right Track Training Programme on acceptance of your application. If you hold the drive and determination, you can work your way up from crew member to supervisor. Management training If you are accepted for a manager’s position, you will enrol on the Burger King management programme which lasts for 12 weeks. The course will teach you all that you need to know to become a Burger King manager.

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