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How to make a computer game

Computer games are very enjoyable means of entertainment. They are appreciated by old and young people alike. You can easily create your own computer game. This article describes how to make a computer game.

Game ideas

First of all, think of an idea to build a game. You also need to decide on the genre of your game creation. You may want to create a sport, role-playing or action game, or something completely different. Game development depends on the initial idea, so be sure not to rush on this stage. Make a comprehensive list of ideas for your computer game. You may cut down on the ideas on the list later on, when you know what you would like to do. You could even try to make 3D games, but perhaps this is better left to your second or third attempt.

Plotting your game

Plan your game's layout. This is the most important aspect to consider as it is the basis of your game's design. This is where the game's atmosphere is created for the player. Plan your layout by first drawing it on paper. It is easier to implement ideas if you represent it visually at first. It is recommended to detail out the storyboard of your entire game before you start your actual creation. This will provide a clearer game path for your players and will minimise your chances of making game mistakes.

Designing games

The PC is the easiest gaming platform for game designers. You do not have to worry about new consoles. It is not too difficult to find game design software as well. The Reality and Genesis 3D are fantastic examples of free gaming design software that you can use for creating video PC games. Once you have the software, follow the easy instructions to begin creating your game. Most software are quite similar in their instructions. You need to plot a layout and you must then, add other elements such as objects and scripted sequences. To ensure that you make the best first attempt possible, study the instruction manual and tutorials as closely as possible.

Distributing games

Approach gaming website creators to ask them to distribute your game. It is always possible that your game is good enough to ensure that you get a name for yourself in the gaming world. Video game making companies will be much more likely to hire you if you already have a popular game available to play online. This is essential if you want to pursue a career in game designing.

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