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How to make a metal detector?

This article will assist you in making your own metal detector within 30 minutes from the comfort of your home. Moreover, the materials that you would require will be easily available within the premises of your house.


A metal detector is an instrument that is used to detect unknown or hidden metal objects. It is very easy to create a metal detector with the help of certain common items that can be found in a house. Not may of us have a clear picture of how a metal detector looks like because they are used at different places throughout the world. Appearance
When asking people about metal detectors, they will all have a different version. People have seen metal detectors in different forms such as at the beach searching for buried treasures and as a part of a security routine at the airports or other events. Making a metal detector
- You have to attach Velcro pads inside a CD case or covers and also at the back side of the radio and calculator.
- You press the radio and calculator firmly to the Velcro pads that have been mounted side by side onto the CD case.
- You have to turn on the radio and tune it to the high end of the AM band. Make sure it is not a broadcast station.
- Set the volume to the maximum level so that the static that is produced is loud enough.


Switch on the calculator attached along the radio and bring it closer till you start hearing a loud tone from the radio. Now bring it back so that the sound is reduced instantly. This is the same mechanism on which the pulse metal detector works, that is, whenever you have metal nearby, then you will hear a loud noise.
Final word
These simple steps can assist you in building a metal detector. If you don't want your body to interfere with your metal detector, then it is better you use aluminum foil on back of the CD case.

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