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How to make a paper swan?

Origami can be a great hobby and can be done anywhere. Some projects can be extremely complicated, some very easy. Making a paper swan is a simple origami project for beginners. All that is required are a few easy folds. Below is a step by step guide for how to fold origami swans which will help you master them after only a few tries.

A square of paper

First, take a square of paper and fold it along one diagonal, then unfold it. This creates a center line which will be used as a reference point in the rest of your folds.


Now, fold the lower edges of the square into the center line to create a kite shape. This is done by folding the paper from about 3/4 of the way to the top on each side. Then flip the base over so that the folded side is down.


Next, take the kite shape and perform a double fold towards the center line on each side. This is done by making a fold from the narrow point running to the one third point of the wide end. Now fold it again, this time with the fold running from the narrow point to the half way point of the wide end. This forms the body and wings of the swan.


Fold the narrow point of the kite shape back up from the center toward the wide end. This will create the swan's neck.


Finally, fold the neck back the other way to form the head. This should be a fold of about one third of the length of the neck.


To finish, it is simply a matter of unfolding the neck and head from the body. If necessary, spread the wings slightly also to give the swan definition. You have now created your first origami swan.

How to make paper swans videos

If you are still having trouble making a paper swan, a quick Internet search will provide step by step origami videos which will show exactly how and where to make the folds.

Other origami figures

Now that you have mastered the swan, there are dozens of other origami projects to work on. Books and Internet videos will provide plenty of ideas to practice.

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